Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chevron Table

You know me, I'm always giving my look to everything.  The plain gray table was no exception.  I liked the size and shape, but I decided it needed a chevron pattern and nail head trim.

I needed to find the center of the table top to create the chevron pattern.  I placed a sheet of  paper on the table and made a pattern.  I folded the circle pattern in half and then into half again to divide the table into four equal sections.

Center of Table

Divided into Fourths

After I had divided the table top into four equal sections I started measuring for the chevron pattern, using the paper circle as a practice sheet.  I soon realized that this was waaaaay too time consuming.   I did not have the patience to grid it out.

My Practice Sheet

  But then I remembered that I had some chevron fabric.

I placed a piece of the left over paper from my book covering project over the fabric and used a ruler to trace the pattern.  Fast.  My speed.

See the push pin?  I made a hole at the angle with a push pin then placed the pattern on the table and marked the meeting points with a pencil then joined the points with painters' tape.  I also placed small pieces of tape in the areas I wanted to stay gray so I wouldn't accidentally paint them too.

After painting though, I decided that I wanted the chevron design to be narrower.  So, I divided the design in half and painted again!!!!!!!!
Next I added the nail head trim.
I quit.  Here's how it ended up.

Top View

Side View

I like the result, but not the process.

This project took waaaaay too long and this post is getting waaay too long too.
I'm going to do another post about how I would approach this project if-- and I mean if--- I would decide to do it again. Let's just say that I learned a lot with this project.

Look for the new and improved way to paint a chevron pattern in the next few days.
So much easier.

Hey, I just published my efficient way to paint the pattern.  Go here.


What have you attempted that was frustrating?
Or, can you share your positive chevron experience?

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  1. it looks awesome! chevron i know is just so time consuming that i tend to stay away from it, even though it always looks wonderful!