Monday, June 20, 2011

Birds, Shells, Artists' Brushes, and Emu Eggs. Oh MY!

I guess you're wondering how all that is related.  I didn't realize until I started looking around my house that many of the vignettes with my vintage finds are displayed under cloches. I also realized that so many of my finds are nature-related.  I'd like to share some nature under glass.

Nature Under Glass

If you saw my screened porch redo, you noticed that I had an assortment of shells and a mercury glass bird displayed under the cloche.  I used a metal footed pedestal that I found at an antiques store as the base.  This grouping was easy to assemble.  I placed the shells in first because I had a seashore theme going on in the room.  It was tricky to slide the cloche down over the coral fans.  I had to try and balance them as I slid the glass over it all.  After looking at it I knew it needed something else.  I had some mercury glass accents in the room, so I lifted the edge and gently slid in the bird that I stole from my laundry room.  If you're new to my blog, you'll find out that things have a way of moving from room to room.

Here is an image of the vignette on my garden table.  Hanging above is my metal orb pendant.

Garden Table Top Vignette

More Shells Under Glass

These shells are in an ironstone bowl.  The Williams Sonoma cloche fit perfectly over the bowl.

In Place In My Sun Room

I added more shells on the Asian chest.  On the left is a metal representation of a piece of coral on a stand.

My Nature-Inspired Bookcase

The other cloche I have is on my family room bookcase .  I actually found a cloche that said nest so I thought that the emu egg on a stand would be perfect.  In my mirrored dresser tray stash I was able to find a tray with the perfect dimensions to use as a pedestal.  Here it is in place on one of a pair of bookcases I styled (top shelf, center).  If you missed the post, go here. 

A Selection of Vintage Artists'  Brushes Under Glass

I know, so much for the nature theme.  I purchased these vintage artists' brushes at an antiques store.  This was quite a cloche maneuver.  Again I used a mirrored dresser tray as a pedestal.  There was no way I could tuck the brushes in  place while the cloche was upright.  My solution was to turn the cloche up-side-down, place the brushes inside, put the dresser tray over the bottom and flip it over.  It only took a few flips to get the arrangement I wanted.

Vignette with Artists' Brushes and Bottles

What treasures have you placed under glass?



  1. I just popped over from what you've done. I'm now a follower and adding you to the list of blogs that I 'stalk'.

  2. I love your nature inspired themes!The only treasures I have under glass are teacups but you have given me some inspiration.


  3. Oh, these are just great! I love natural elements. The way you've displayed them under the cloches is very nice. Thanks for sharing your containers.

  4. Hi Kathy! I had so much fun seeing your cloches and the fun and pretty things inside of them. I really like the cloche trick that you shared about "arranging" the vintage artists brushes inside. I saw your post over at "Favorites On The First".

  5. I a fan of natural elements too and your cloches are so perfect for display your favorites.

  6. I love natural elements in a home...shells especially. The vintage artist brushes under the cloche are really pretty and interesting. Visiting from Alison's Favorites on the First.

  7. Such pretty natural artifacts!

    Love your style. So excited to have found you today, Kathy!
    How can I follow you? Not seeing a follow button for Blogger
    members. Let me know.

    Thanks so much for sharing at Favorites on the First!

    1. I've a new follower of yours and love your blog. I'm thrilled that you'd like to follow me. On my blog webpage you can follow by email. Sign up is in the left side bar.

      You can also follow on Facebook, but I only put a condensed form of the blog post there.
      Here's the link to my blog where you'll find the subscribe to posts by e-mail. You'll get the most recent blog post sent to your e-mail.

  8. You're definitely the cloche queen! Where did you find your vintage paint brushes (I'm an artist).

    Linking from The Polo House,
    Ricki Jill

    1. Thanks Ricki Jill for stopping by. I bought most of them in one vendor's booth in an antiques shop. I added a few to the collection, but most of them were already "collected" for me and I consider it a great find in one spot.