Friday, June 17, 2011

Deer Salad

 They're baaaaaack!  I have to say that BB (Before Bella, our yellow lab), I removed any plants from my yard that were a temptation to deer. Deer 10 me 0.   Now though, AB (after Bella) I've gradually been re-introducing some of their favorites.  It seems her presence keeps the deer away.  I'd decided that hostas are the deer equivalent to romaine lettuce and they would be the true test.
A Happy Hosta

  I really thought we had it under control.  I decided it was safe to divide the hostas and place them along the new walkway.  This is what it looked like when I planted them.

I guess so many hostas was too much of a temptation.  The deer are back and enjoying their salad.
Are the impatiens next? 

Very Unhappy Hostas

Those light green sticks on the right are what the deer left behind.

They haven't gotten them all yet.   We spread some Milorganite, a nitrogen rich " natural" fertilizer (made from sludge--yuck), which claims that its smell will keep the deer away. 
Please share any deer grazing solutions that have worked for you.  The Deer Off  and the Liquid Fence spray worked, but I have to remember to re-apply it after it rains.  Too much for me. The fox urine didn't work. Neither did Irish Spring soap.  Hopefully, the Milorganite will keep them away and fertilize my clay soil.
My Shasta Daisies just bloomed.  Are they next?

How does your garden grow?


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  1. One thing that seemed to work for me in Oregon was neem oil. It is the active ingredient in the 3 in 1 rose spray