Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sandy's Vignettes

I recently posted about my friend's house here.   I had mentioned that her home had been selected to be one of the homes on the Bethany Beach Cottage House Tour.  Out of all the entries, her home was chosen as the one to be featured in the July issue of "Beach Life Magazine".
I had shared the rooms in her home, now I want to share all the vignettes she has created with her vintage treasures.
Bamboo and covered suitcase in the foyer.

Walking sticks and umbrellas with fancy handles.

Vintage desk and chair.  Notice the unique pedestal and cloche on the small table.

Her grandfather, father and husband are all athletes.
She created a gallery wall with their sports photos.

She sewed her father's sports letters onto the pillow.

A collection of trophies, vintage books, and a rare wicker mannequin.

Framed shell prints.

Silver plate bowls with compacts and Santos' hands.

Even her laundry has her special touch.

Another corner of the laundry.

Fabulous bamboo cabinet.

Another bamboo shelf.

A built-in cabinet in one of the bathrooms.

Stairwell view.

And the room that I covet, her workroom.

The other side of the work room.

A final image of the workroom.

What do you think?  Pretty amazing.


  1. Beautiful... I've saved so many pictures to my idea file. She has a wonderful home full of inspiration for the rest of us. Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. I love this house! Thanks for sharing it!