Saturday, April 30, 2011

Piero Fornasetti and A Pair of Rain Boots

For a while now I have been fascinated by the painter, sculptor, craftsman and decorator, Piero Fornasetti.  (bio here)  I don't know if it's because he's Italian, like me, or that many of his pieces are in black and white.  I've been accused of wearing only black and white, but I have made an effort lately to add some yellow, orange, and green.   Or, that many of his works have architectural themes.  I love and buy architectural engravings and representations whenever I can.

I think what he is best known for are his porcelain plates with unique variations of the same woman's face.  This was how I first discovered him.
Here she is depicted on a wallpaper sample.

And another selection of a unique variation of her image on plates.

All the following images in this post are from 1stdibs.  The items on this site are totally out of my price range, but the selection of items is amazing.  You should go there just to get a feel for how prolific, unique, and eclectic he was.

 Below are some of my favorites from this site.

Architectural Fornasetti Folding Screen

Arm Chair with Fornasetti Fabric

Teapot with Part of That Famous Face

Zigzag Table

Lamp Base.

Whimsical Tray

Umbrella Stand

Sea Life Tray
Corinthian Column Chair

Fornasetti Poster
This is the piece I'm lusting for:  A Fornasetti Cabinet

And after all that, you're probably asking, what do the boots have to do with this?  Well, the post was inspired by these rain boots I found while visiting my sister in Annapolis.  I call them my Fornasetti- style rain boots and like them even better than my leopard rain boots.  Here they are in my garden.

The only  Fornasetti items I own are a book, purchased on Amazon (filled with illustrations)

and this Swatch Watch, from eBay.  I found that the prices on eBay are very reasonable, but not quite the selection of 1stdibs.   They even have knock off pillow covers on eBay.  I'm tempted to buy them.  Has anyone purchased them and liked them?

In my dreams I go to an estate sale full of Fornasetti that I can afford.


Some non-Fornasetti info:  If you're in Annapolis, MD, on one street you'll find Target, Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie, Arhaus Furniture, and a Latin restaurant with the best Happy Hour ever, Palador.

I haven't forgotten about the screened porch.  I'm working on it and will post about some landscaping next.  Stay tuned  by subscribing by email in my side bar.

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  1. Have always loved Fornasetti! Such an iconic look. Thanks for sharing this, Kathy!