Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Decor 2015

  This year's front door wreath is a simple boxwood wreath with some plaid ribbon.  
 It really stands out on our newly painted door.

Simple Boxwood Wreath

Our tree seems to have found its forever location in the foyer.  We've moved it around the house to several other locations, but we like it here best.

I know I said I prefer gold tones, but I wanted to use what I had on hand 
so we're all about silver and mercury glass on this tree.

Silver and Mercury Glass Tree

In lieu of a tree skirt, I mixed my disco balls with my mercury glass orbs and 
tucked them under the tree branches.

My Tree Skirt Alternative--Disco Balls and Mercury Glass Orbs

I even have some mini disco ball ornaments.

What's a post without a dog photo bomb.

Sweet Bella

You know that I've had a vintage shop for more years than I care to share.  Each holiday I always have a selection of ornaments for sale.  Of course I always put some aside for myself.   This year's tree is filled with years of ornament collecting.  

Happy Holidays

To see last year's tree all decked out in plaid go here

2014 Tree

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