Monday, December 3, 2018


For years I created my holiday wreaths with greenery from my garden.  That all went by the wayside when I discovered Trader Joe's boxwood wreaths.  They have become one of my first holiday purchases.  In the past I've placed the wreath on my front door.  I decided to change it up this season and put two wreaths in the front window instead.  

I think I'll be leaving the front door bare.  Maybe.

 Large sugar pine cones and some garden clippings are tucked into the corner of the bench.

I purchased a third wreath and layered it over the architectural piece on the side of the garage.

Do you purchase your holiday greenery or create your own?

FYI, these wreaths arrive at Trader Joe's the day after Thanksgiving and are in limited supply.  I try to get there early.   The other thing I like about them is they're only $10.99!!!!!

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