Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Yes, I made some Christmas trees with wrapping paper.  And yep this is a repeat but it's a good one.
  It's so easy.

My first tree was for my home.   I cut it from some green houndstooth wrapping paper and attached it above the mantel.   I used straight pins to support the garland and added some vintage glass ornaments.  The tree topper is actually a mirror.  (Step by step directions are at the end of the post.)

You can see that I randomly draped the gold garland over the print, around the ibex, and then let it climb the tree.

I crinkled some wired ribbon along the mantel and added a sphere with sparkles.

I liked the idea so much that I re-created it for one of the sales at the store.  This time though I used the plain side of the wrapping paper.  To create the random gold dots I used a round foam stenciling sponge brush.   I dipped it into some gold craft paint and applied it. Make sure to tamp the brush on a paper towel to remove some of the paint before you apply it.  You need the paint a little dry so it doesn't run.   I attached  the "tree" to a chalkboard wall with clear push pins.  I used the same push pins to support the garland.  


The following year I used navy striped paper to make another wrapping paper tree for our Holiday Sale.  This time I layered it on to a vintage cupboard.  I nailed it to the shelves with small finish nails, then draped the garland around the nails and outlined the tree with gold ribbon.


If you'd like to make one, follow the directions below.

1. Decide on the height and cut a piece of wrapping paper  to that length.

2.  On the top of the cut, find the center of the paper.

3.  Draw a line from the center top to the bottom left corner.  ( I used a yard stick.)

4.  Draw a line from the center top to the bottom right corner.

5.  Cut out your tree shape.

6.  I mounted mine with Zots.  You could use double-faced tape, push pins, or finish nails too.

7.  Drape some garland, add ornaments, and a small mirror or ribbon as a topper.

I'd love to see yours if you decide to give it a try.

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