Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Sphere Is Back for the Holidays

Well my Fall sphere asked to be changed out for Christmas and I obliged.
If you missed that post go here.
First step was to strip her down to her burlap skirt.

I wanted to create a base with evergreen cuttings, magnolia leaves. and a mound of orbs.   Initially I purchased these over-sized orbs.  I thought they were so nice with the marbleizing.  But, when I looked at them again they looked like bowling balls.  Yuck.
My Bowling Ball Sphere

Time to grab some metallic spray paint.  My hint for painting orbs is to suspend them in tree branches with a wire coat hanger and paper clip.  Very easy to paint.

My spheres ready for their transformation from bowling ball to silver orb.

They're much better silver.

I placed evergreen cuttings and magnolia branches in the base of the sphere.  I added silver spheres in all sizes and textures on top.  Hint:  I built up the sides with the cuttings to keep the spheres from rolling out.  Here is my holiday display in my tall planter.

Take a closer look.

So, what have you been up to for holiday decor?