Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vintage Finds

I'm always looking for backgrounds for my photos and my climbing hydrangea provided me with the perfect back drop.  My hydrangea had decided to change out its green textured summer outfit for this fabulous golden fall ensemble.

My Climbing Hydrangea

Whenever I find vintage kitchen step stools I always purchase them.  This one is chrome and red vinyl with two pull-out steps.  It's for sale.  I'm not keeping this one.

I couldn't pass up this ottoman.  Lately I've been seeing this lavender/green combo in rooms.  How cute would this be at the foot of a bed!!!!  

Did I mention that the top opens for blanket or toy storage?  It's available too.

I bought a set of these four chairs.  The chippiness is natural and the back rest is to die for.  I re-covered them with burlap.  It's neutral to match your decor.

I am always excited when I find another bar cart.
This one is petite and brass and available for purchase.

This ornate brick is going to be part of my landscaping.  Can you imagine how fabulous that building must have been?

The gargoyle has already made it into my garden.  I know he's kind of homely but he reminds me of a wonderful vacation in Paris.

What have you found lately?


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  1. I love vintage kitchen stools too! I found a mint green metal one with pull out step for $15 at a yerd sale this summer!! I may paint it white but I'm undecided.