Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Holiday Tree

Every year I try to find something to inspire my tree decor.  This year I fell in love with some wide leopard print ribbon and I was off and running.  I repeated the coppery brown and shimmering gold in the ribbon with copper and gold ornaments.  I also had some small mirrors in gold frames, some leopard pillow ornaments and cone baskets, some gold architectural castings, some mini leopard shade ornaments, and some beaded acorns that I sprinkled around.   Before I share the whole tree, here are some close ups of the ornaments.  Notice that I wove the ribbon vertically on the tree rather than wrapping it around the branches.

In lieu of a purchased tree skirt I retrieved a vintage leopard coat from the closet and wrapped it around the base.

I'm also pretty tired of wrapping garland around my stair railing.  I was going to hang wreaths instead, but changed my mind.  Lately I've been using empty frames or empty frames within frames in my decor. I decided to decorate the stairs with some vintage frames.   I dangled interesting gold frames from my stair railing with more leopard ribbon.  Magnolia branches within the frame add the holiday touch.

On the landing I added some sparkle to my shabby oil painting with a copper beaded garland.  One of my favorite vintage purchases is a French copper lined demi-john.  I added more magnolia branches.  The Santos angel with copper wings is perfect in the vignette.

My Foyer

My 2012 Tree

My leopard chairs and copper sequined pillows even cooperated with the decor.

So are you an animal print fan?

To see my 2013 peacock feather inspired tree, go here.

My 2013 Christmas Tree



  1. I absolutely love this! You have such an eye and I love your style! I'm tired of doing garland on my stairs too... I'll try to remember this next year.


  2. Wow...we love it.

    Mom said: "You really went to town." :)

    It looks amazing and fabulous.

    Great ideas.

    Your house looks beautiful. Mom loves the shiny floors and the animal do I.

  3. GORGEOUS!!! Love the decorations love the whole entry!! Your newest follower:)