Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Change Up-----Maybe

Of course I've been out shopping and checking out a new store,
B and B Home Shop--The Vintage Marketplace at Glenwood, and of course I found a chair to purchase.  I know, the last thing I needed was another chair.  But, it was black and it was patent leather, and I loved it.

Now, here's the change up----maybe.   You know that I just buy because I like it and think about where I'll put it later.  I thought it would be a good desk chair next to my spinet desk.
(If you missed the post about the desk, go here.)

New Chair Next to Desk

Now, here's the quandary.   I already have this lovely chinoiserie chair that I covered with my favorite gray zebra fabric.

Original Desk Chair

I like them both.  I love the black they both have.  The new chair has gold trim that works perfectly in the room.  The chinoiserie chair works better style wise since I have a chinoiserie chandelier on the other side of the desk.

Help!!!!! I need input to decide.  What should I do?
 (Please don't say stop shopping.)

Let me know what you think.



  1. i really love both chairs- the new one is soooo cool! but in that space i like the scale of the bamboo look one more. hope you had a good weekend with your dad celebrating birthdays!

  2. I like both chairs too...but the new one carries more visual weight, and seems like more weight is needed to balance out the picture.

  3. The weight of the new chair balances out the weight of the desk. That said, I like the other chair better. HA!

  4. I like the 'pop' of the new chair. More solid feeling. The bamboo is just a wee bit too busy (seat cover) with the drapes pattern? And I like the bold black with the wall piece.......drew my eye to the lines in the painting. IMHO