Saturday, April 17, 2021


I've always wanted to have an espalier in my garden.  I even had the perfect wall for it and an inspiration image.  

Espalier Inspiration

Of course I'm way too impatient, so I planted Japanese boxwood and added geometric trellises in between each one.  If you're a long time follower you've already seen what I came up with for the wall, but hang in there because I have been saving some espalier inspiration that I'll share.

I covered the trellises with climbing cardinal vine. 
 I grew them from seeds.

Vines and Boxwood On My Garage

Here's a close up of the vine on the trellises.  To see the whole post and get the link to purchasing the seeds, go here.

Close Up Of Vine on Trellis

I haven't given up.  Here are some I'd love to try.

My blogger friend, Ron, who writes the blog, Uptown Acorn, created an espalier on his fence with Confederate Jasmine.  Not only is it the look I love, but also the scent from the Jasmine makes it even better.  You can also find Ron on Instagram @acorncottageuptown.

The Uptown Acorn

Have you ever created an espalier in your garden?

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  1. Yes, I'm year 4 creating a pear espalier.

    1. Hi Dawn. I'm so impressed with your patience. I'm sure it will be worth the wait. I'd love to see a picture of it.