Saturday, January 23, 2016

Inside Out: Snowstorm 2016

I decided that taking pics of this storm from inside was a very good idea.   They are saying that we're only half way through the accumulation.  Yikes.  We can hardly get out the door.
That mountain of snow is on our front porch.

View of My Front Porch From Inside

It's not much better on the screened porch.  
The snow not only came in, but it also coated the screen and mounded on the railing.

Screened Porch

Looking into the back yard isn't much better.

Our Back Yard

Here's more of the back yard.  I still have my holiday poinsettia.

 Poinsettia Still Around

I wonder when we'll be able to get into the garage.

Our Garage

My iron sphere, my wreaths and the Mugo Pine have much more than a dusting.

We've got 24 more hours to go.   How much more can the roof hold?

The roof is covered and snow is still falling.

Looking Out My Kitchen Window

Our arbor and the iron bird are still visible.

I have a thing for spheres I guess. 
 The snow has almost reached my yellow sphere on a shepherd's hook.

My Yellow Sphere

My Anthro mache elephant is happy to be inside too.

Profile of Anthro Elephant

I recently bought a banquette and new table and chairs for the kitchen.
Of course I changed up the chandy too.
Here's a sneaky peek.  

New Chandy in the Kitchen

So how are you all making out in the storm?


  1. No snow here, but it was cold for us. I love your pics so much. Stay warm.

  2. Thanks Ron. We still can't get out of the driveway but it's lovely outside. As long as we have power I'm good inside.

  3. Those pictures look great, my wife agrees with me too. We did not have much snow here in Savannah unfortunately. My children love the snow so we often take them too Europe for the holidays. Your pictures are great please keep up the good work. Hope to see many more posts and pictures in the future. Thank you very much.

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions