Sunday, January 10, 2016

Before and After: Victorian Folding Screen

I started with a folding Victorian screen.  

Victorian Folding Screen with Empty Panels
 For many years I used the screen as a room divider or as a backdrop for seating.  Sometimes I filled the empty panels with artwork.  Other times I draped textiles over it.  But, one day I purchased several yards of unused vintage fabric with columns in its pattern.  Architectural fragments are one of the designs I always sprinkle around my home, so I knew that this fabric would be the perfect way to fill the panels.

Vintage Fabric with Columns

The ebony finish on the folding screen picked up the black in the fabric.
I enjoyed it for several years, but like so many of my vintage pieces, it found its way 
to the store.  Yes, it will be for sale at my new location, Buckeystown Design Co-Op.

Upholstered Folding Screen for Sale at Buckeystown Design Co-Op

Detail of Carved Gallery and Double Cording Border

So, what do you like better?  Empty? or Upholstered?

Folded flat it would be a perfect headboard. 

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