Thursday, July 21, 2016

My Deconstructed Chaise

Are you a fan of perfectly imperfect?  I am.  I think it describes my fascination with deconstructed furniture.  What am I talking about???  Well, basically furniture with its underthings exposed.  I already had a deconstructed chair in my upstairs hallway.

My Deconstructed Chair

Of course when I came upon a chaise with the same construction exposure, I purchased it and plopped it in my living room.

My Deconstructed Chaise

A Closer Look At Her Undergarments

Foot of Chaise
I also had a footstool base.  Instead of reupholstering it,  I added a vintage ledger and used it as a side table.  My copper demijohn traveled from another room to be part of this vignette.

Footstool, Ledger, and Demijohn
On the table you'll find an oversized candlestick, a wooden compote filled with floats and animal horns, and some shabby leather books supported by faux marbleized book ends.

I have a framed map of Italy layered over one of my favorite finds, a large garden gate, that fills the wall space.

Framed Map of Italy Layered Over A Garden Gate
I placed a oval metal tray at the foot of the chaise and filled it with another book and a Fornasetti paper weight.  Next to the book are some chippy gold finials.

Large Tray At The Foot Of The Chaise

I draped a leopard throw over the chaise.

Leopard Throw

I'm always a sucker for sunburst mirrors.  This one was missing its mirror, so I just layered it over the throw and a framed architectural print.  I tossed a gold bullion tassel over it too.

Sunburst "Mirror" and Architectural Print
You can actually lounge on the chaise without falling through.  (After you remove all the stuff.)  It's in my living room, the most unused room in the house.  We're always in the family room.  

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