Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I've written about empty frames many times and always seem to find more ways to use them.  I've even been known to remove a mirror from a particularly nice frame and let its beauty stand alone.  I did just that with the large mirror/empty frame in the image below.  I layered it with another vintage gold mirror and used a canvas chinoiserie panel as a back drop.  This vignette peek also includes a beaded pendant chandelier and a turned candlestick.  You can see the top of a crown on a Virgin Mary statue too.  All is available at our next sale at the CoOp.

Vintage Frames
What about layering an empty frame over an unframed oil on board?

Vintage Frame Over Oil On Board

You can join empty frames with a garland of driftwood.

Empty Frames and Driftwood Garland

What about using a plaster ram's head inside a frame with a chippy door 
and a burlap garland as a back drop?

Plaster  Ram's Head Inside a Frame

Or, add a lion's head wall shelf inside an empty frame.

Lion's Head Shelf Inside a Frame

A faux deer head inside frames was for sale at The Design House Artist's Loft.

Frames at The Design House

I created a layered gallery wall with frames, metallic trays, sunburst mirrors, and canvas prints.

Layered Gallery Wall
I was very sad when this long sectioned frame sold at the Design House.  It's one of many of my "seller's remorse" pieces.  Oh how I hope to find another and keep it.

Empty Frames at The Design House

I even hung empty frames on my stairwell for Christmas.

Empty Frames for Holiday Decor

Do you use empty frames?  How do you display them?


  1. Kathy, as always your use of vintage items intrigues me. I admit that I've not used empty frames, and find your vignettes charming. Is the lion head shelf going to be for sale at your shop? Would love details. Thanks!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks so much for your comments. The lion's head shelf was part of my sale at The Design House and has already been sold. I will keep you in mind if I find another.