Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some Decor Inspiration Teasers

The screened porch saga still continues. 
I wanted to share the decor inspiration for the porch.  Or, as my family teasingly calls it, the excuse to change things around again.  I found this wonderful iron daybed at an estate sale.  It actually had these custom gray cushions that I actually like.  Again, on one of my spend my gift card money from Nate Berkus shopping trips, I found these fabulous sea life pillows at Tuesday Morning. They look a lot like a Thomas Paul fabric, don't you think?   There were only two.  Bummer.  So, I had my color scheme:  gray and cobalt.  And I had a ton of wicker furniture to unload.

Just thought I'd show you a few other finds I'm considering for the porch.  This mirror is from Home Goods.  I love the look.  I think I'll definitely use it on the porch.

(Any suggestions for photographing mirrors would be greatly appreciated.)

Also at Tuesday Morning I found these bound sisal rugs.  Side note:  If you're looking for very nice sisal rugs at a super price go there.  I found two 5x8 rugs for less than $100 each.  I was so excited because not only were they a good price, but they also were trimmed in gray.  They look a little uneven because they were folded up.  I'm sure they'll flatten.

Last tease.  I found this lantern at Home Goods too.  I don't know what I'll put inside, but it won't be a candle.  I"m thinking some shells or a stack of books.  What do you think?
I've had the garden orb for a while hanging above the table under the pergola.  I'm thinking about suspending it from the ceiling and adding a light and cord cover.
I love corbels.  I'm particularly excited about this one because it's gray.

And then I found these.  How often do you get the chance to coordinate your decor with your dishes? ( I just wanted to make sure that you know that you should not take this comment seriously.)
They're acrylic.  I'll have to have a party if I ever finish this project.

Stay tuned.  More screened porch to come.

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  1. love the pillows and that sofa! where did you find those plates... i love them!!!

  2. Wow Kathy is looking awesome! Can't wait to see it {soon I hope!} I'll be by after our big sale this week, Nancy

  3. That day bed is gorgeous.. you have a great start! Can't wait to see the finished product. Have fun.

  4. very cool Kathy - I love porches and Home Goods is a fav of mine! we have a new Marshall's up in Frederick that I try to stay out of lol!