Saturday, May 14, 2011

Screened Porch Pendant Lighting

  Now I'm ready to move inside and tackle the lighting.

I was so excited when I found these solid brass lights at an estate sale.  I bought the entire box of them.  Here's what they looked like when I got them home.

As you can see, they were wall mounted lights and I wanted them to be pendant lighting.  I'm very lucky to have Mr. AAV.  He never complains or criticizes when I come home with crazy projects.  He always trusts my ideas and willingly helps me out. What a great guy!   
He decided that he could remove the wall mounted brackets and attach a chain to make them work as pendants.  Hooray.  Here's what one looked like when he disassembled it and discovered the many repairs he would have to make.

 My sweet, patient, careful husband (opposites must attract) not only cleaned the filth and paint spatters, but he soldered joints that had separated, replaced the old wiring with new, purchased and added matching chain and replaced the socket covers.  I told him that I wanted three of them hanging in a row.  He said he knew it would look great, just like New Orleans, and suggested that we wall mount one beside the door too. 

Here's what they look like on the porch.  Don't they look fabulous?  There's bead board in between the roof supports.

Here's the wall mounted pendant.

Please check back as I continue to work on the screened porch.  If you missed the first porch redo post, go here.  To see images of the completed porch, click on the image below or here.



  1. Awesome score, Kathy! They look fantastic!

  2. I love them! Such a great idea. Lucky to have such a great hubby. I too have one that carries my ideas thru.

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