Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Whenever I'm trying to take photos and there's a mirror in the room, I cringe.  I normally have a terrible time controlling the reflection.  Well, while taking the photos of the porch a very unexpected thing happened.  The reflections were so interesting that I decided to share them.  If you've been following along you should be able to recognize the vignettes. Take a peek through the looking glass.


Did you figure them out?


Completed Porch

If you missed the original screened porch post, go here.  To see the final result of the screened porch redo, go here for view one, here for view two, and here for view three.

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  1. I like those! I have a hall tree with a mirror, and caught some intriguing reflections of my huge bookshelves in the mirror.

  2. So funny...I just bought that same mirror at Homegoods to be painted white!!!