Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's A Blog Hop

I was so excited---and intimidated-- when Sherry, who writes the design blog,  No Minimalist Here, contacted me and wanted me to participate in her Thanksgiving Vignettes Hop.

It's my first "Hop" and with Sherry, there are many firsts with us.  She is the first blogger who offered to share my home on her Home Tour feature.  She is also one of my first blogger friends. 
Of course we became friends.  It was inevitable.  How could I not relate to a blog with the title
 She and I tried unsuccessfully to find each other and meet in person at the Lucketts Spring Market.  So, we've only e-met, but we've really kept in touch and followed and supported each others design experiments. 
 And now it's another first, the Blog Hop.

I'm guessing that the background image for the Hop is a vignette from her beautiful home.   I so admired her when she decided to move out of state and didn't just pack it all up.  She sold so many of her treasures and started fresh.  I'm now following as she pulls her beautiful new home together in her signature style.

The Blog Hop starts today, November 12th.
 There are twelve of us and four will show their stuff each day. 
 Thanks Sherry for organizing the hop in your always generous and supportive way.

I wanted to share today's Thanksgiving vignettes.  Make sure to follow the link to see the whole post.

Dixie Delights

Sherry has a vignette tour going on.  Make sure to visit and see it all.

Thanksgiving Vignette from No Minimalist Here

Ron from Uptown Acorn always has creative vignettes in his home.
I'm a fan of his way with cloches.  He's filled one with wheat for the holiday.

Cloche with Wheat from Uptown Acorn

Lynn from The Vintage Nest shared her decor.  I love her wreath made from a section of stove pipe.
Please visit her to see more of her creations.

Stove Pipe Wreath

I wish I lived closer so I could party at Dixie Delight's apple cider bar.

Apple Cider Bar at Dixie Delights

Check them out for some great ideas.  Check back tomorrow.  I'll be sharing the next four.


Can't wait for you guys to see it all.



  1. Thanks, Kathy! You are the master of vignettes so I cannot wait to see:)

  2. Hi Ms. Vignettes, what an awesome and supportive post. You are the best! xo

    1. Ah Lynn. It was so much fun doing the hop. Sherry's the best for pulling all together. I am so coveting your stove pipe wreath. It was just the right rustiness.

  3. Kathy, Thanks so much for your kind words and your friendship. I have always been a big fan of your beautiful style and I am so excited you are joining the blog hop!

    1. Sherry you're the best. You're always there holding us up.
      Thanks for hosting.