Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's All About Plaid

I can't believe that we've barely celebrated Halloween and it's time to skip over Thanksgiving and go directly to Christmas.  Yes, our store, and the others in the area are having our Holiday Open Houses the first week in November!  Our holiday celebration kick-off starts Thursday, November 6th and goes through Sunday, November 9.

Can I interest you in shopping for the holidays?
My booth is exploding with ornaments, holiday decor, and gifts, so I'd love for you to come
shop with us at Sweet Clover.

I found a fabulous vintage suitcase in a tartan pattern and that set the whole design for my holiday sale.
 I'm not a fan of red, but during this season I make an exception.

Red, Black, and Plaid in My Booth for the Holiday Open House
Are you looking for a unique hostess gift?  Prop your bottle of wine in an old oak file drawer.
 My wine bottle is sadly an empty bottle of Dom Perignon.
You could use one of my plaid wine sacks with the furry tassels for your wine gift.

File Drawer with Wine Bottle
My vintage mannequin sports a wool scarf from Scotland and a Pendleton cap.
Check out the bull on the wall.
He's wrapped in greenery and wearing a bow tie to get into the holiday spirit.

Wool Scarf  and Cap
I even draped another wool scarf down the library steps.

I've had this vintage folding clothes drying rack for a while.
 It folds flat, but when you partially open it, it becomes a tree.  Who knew?
I added some plaid ribbon and bead garland to transform it.  I'll do a post later with more details.

Drying Rack Tree
Check out the fabulous plaid ornaments.

More plaid accessories--a small folding camp stool, plaid trays, and a child's golf set.
The plaid box hides two scotty dogs carved into soap shapes.
That's a huge chalkboard in the background with original red chippy paint.

Some more suitcases supporting a silk screened moose pillow.
The small suitcase is filled with a vintage vanity travel set--brush, mirror, toiletry containers.

More red and black.
Mercury glass ornaments fill glass cylinders and moose trek along the cabinet
as the glitter deer next to the Saks tin spies on them .

I'm saying that Santa borrowed these hunting pants and suspenders.
 How cute would they be on your porch or your front door?  Magnolia leaves convey.

I just had to share some close-ups of the ornaments.

Glitter Clock Faces
Crown ornaments are in another glass jar.  The reindeer pillow is for your sofa or chair.
The plaid tam draped over the gold tray is child size.

I used my large dough bowl for more ornaments.
Count down to Christmas discs come with chalk on a string.

We're on a horse farm so I had to include some horse ornaments.

Gold crowns, plaid fur-topped stocking, a copper-gilded turtle shell, and a small Santos cage doll.

Who doesn't like fleurs-di-lis and furry reindeer?

I couldn't resist these felted fox and the glass squirrels and foxes with fur tails.
The trees wear a navy tartan.

Are you into the holiday spirit this early?  I hope so.
Please come see us and get started.

I'm so into plaid that I put aside some plaid ornaments just for me
 and plan to have my own tartan tree for the holidays.


To see what I had at our second holiday sale, go here.

Sweet Clover
4051 Stanford Court
Frederick, MD

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  1. Oh wow, so much to see and so gorgeous. I love the plaid. Stunning photos.

  2. Kathy, this all just so wonderful. I'd give anything to see your booth. I am frantically making and doing and pricing my stuff to decorate for the holidays next weekend. So I have 5 days to get it done! Love all your red!! I saw those horse ornaments last week on my travels and bought them as Christmas gifts for my neighbors. They both have horses. They are even cooler in person. Have a fabulous week. xo