Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sellers' Remorse

Hey, if there's buyers' remorse why can't there be sellers'?
All you sellers out there, have you sold something and regretted it?  It happens to me all the time.
 Sometimes I get over it and sometimes I don't.  

This past sale at The Design House there were several items that I put up for sale even though I wanted them for myself.  I had such a hard time peeling them from my greedy hoarder's fingers.
 I let them go and of course they sold.  But, there was one item that I really couldn't stop thinking about.
Do you know what I did? Before the store opened for the sale,  I marked it sold.
It was this stylized horse that I couldn't part with.

Stylized Horse at The Design House

I happily carried him home and placed him on my dining room table.

To give him some height and to add some interest, I used a mirror as a riser.
Have you ever used a mirror on a flat surface?  I do it all the time.
  I thought this oval mirror with the belted strap worked well.
 On either side of it I placed my antler candleholders.
 Their silver tones picked up the silver in the mirror frame and the belt had an equestrian look.

I sometimes decide to share my jewelry as part of a vignette.  That horse needed some sparkle.

As the weather cools, I use my animal hides as table covers.  Their color and texture work for me.
The large solid hide covers the table while the small spotted one adds contrast and color.

What have you decided to keep instead of sell?
The funny thing is that once I keep a purchase and enjoy it for a while,  I'm okay with parting with it.
You'll probably see this horse for sale some time in the future.
How do you part with favorite finds?


FYI, my decision not to sell was totally validated when I saw what was in Kelly Wearstler's kitchen.
Check out the horse in the lower left corner.  Yes!!!!!

I'll be participating in a Holiday Blog Hop.


  1. Oh I do love the horse and I would have a hard time parting with it too. What a great piece.

  2. Thanks Marty. I think I made the right decision.