Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Houndstooth Pumpkins

I just love Fall.  The weather is perfect.  
The earthy colors are a welcome change from the summer brights.  Fall decor is fun too.
I've been so impressed with all the Fall decor I'm seeing on blogs.   My only creation so far has been the pumpkins that I covered in what else but a geometric--- houndstooth.

This is the basket of them for sale at the store.

I've decided that I'm too impatient to take photos of every step so I know you talented peeps will know what I mean without photos.

1.  You'll need some styrofoam pumpkins.   I found out the hard way that I should purchase white pumpkins.  When you try to cover orange ones the orange shows through.  So, if you have orange pumpkins step one is to paint them white.

2.  I used houndstooth tissue paper.  I think it works better than wrapping paper because its thinner.  But, you have to be careful with tearing.  If you do tear it just cover the tear with another strip of tissue paper.  No problem.  I cut small strips about 1 inch wide by two or three inches long.  You could make the strips larger if  you have a large pumpkin.

3.  After your paint dries. coat the pumpkin in sections with Mod Podge and apply the strips.  Work your way around the pumpkin and over lap the strips.  I used my fingernail to tuck the strips around the stem.

It was really pretty easy and I haven't seen anything quite like it.

I'd like to share a few Fall decor ideas I'd like to use.

 This vignette with the silver plate, camera, old window, urn, and pumpkins contains a cohesive mix of some my favorite accessories.


 This totally different mantelscape also appeals to me.  It's lovely in an eerie spooky way.


Topiaries always work for me.  How about a pumpkin variation.


Here's to recycling leaves when they don't have to be raked up and placed in a bag.
(These are probably faux.)

Here are some actual topiaries with gourds around the base.  Did you notice the row of pumpkins on the transom?   Love it.


I know I'm overurning it but I do love urns, especially surrounded by mounds of white pumpkins.
Sorry, but unknown source.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please share some of your Fall inspirations.


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  1. That's a great idea! I've sewn my pumpkins from feedsacks, painted muslin ones but never thought of decoupage! Can you believe I haven't taken out one fall decoration yet! I used to be such a crafter and had my fall decor out in July!