Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Bargain That Wasn't A Bargain

For a while now I have been coveting tall planters, but tall planters are not in my price range.
 I especially loved the ones in the image below.

Well as my Mom always tells me, if you're patient you'll find what you want at a price you're willing to pay.  And of course I did.  I found a tall planter on clearance for $10.  But, there's always a but.  I wanted a sphere to rest on top of it and let's just say I'm not sharing the price because it wasn't a bargain and I didn't want to wait.  So, I bought it, placed it on the planter, and filled it with Fall decor.

I rested the sphere on a coffee sack so it wouldn't scratch the planter.  I put a mum in first and used a second coffee sack to cover the pot.  Then I filled in with gourds and pyracantha berries and stems.  Here's a closer look.

I placed it next to the french doors to the garage.

I think the color matches the shutters perfectly.

Here's what the garage looks like from the street.
 I still have my fig plant but it soon will have to come inside for the colder weather.

I'm really happy with the arrangement.  I was thinking I could justify the purchase by adding the price of the sphere to the price of the planter and then divide that in half.  The other way to look at is that I rarely splurge on something and who doesn't deserve a splurge once in a while.  Or, what I finally settled on is not even offering an excuse and enjoying the result.



  1. Oooo...I love it, Kathy! That sphere is gorgeous...I don't blame you for splurging on it. Is the planter metal? What a steal for ten bucks!

  2. i love the look of it! i love your little outbuilding! or is it a garage? whatever it is SOOOO cute!

  3. Looks fabulous. We all need a splurge now and then. Hugs,Marty