Sunday, September 2, 2012

Italianate Wall Planters

One of my all time favorite shopping finds is a pair of Italianate wall planters.  I found them on one of my frequent shopping trips in my hometown near Pittsburgh.  I bought them from a person who was selling off some of her theater props.  She told me they came from the Joseph Horne Company Department Store which is no longer in business.  They originally hung on columns in the main floor of the store.  I tried to find images of the interior on line but was only able to find a photo of the exterior of the store.

Joseph Horne Company Penn Ave. and Stanwix Street, downtown Pittsburgh, Pa

 You can see that the store was very large and very elegant.  The two planters I purchased were only two of many hanging on columns on the main floor.  When we added our sun room to our home I had them electrified and use them as wall sconces.  They're lovely and give off a soft up light.

 My sun room runs the length of the back of the house.  Because it's long and narrow it's hard to photograph the entire room.  To give you some points of reference, you can enter the room through french doors on either side of the fireplace.  
You can enter from either the living room or the dining room.

This fireplace wall is opposite the wall where I hung the sconces on either side of the windows.  The sconces are to the left and right of these windows.  I couldn't get them into the photo.

The following image is looking into the sun room from the living room  One of the sconces is on the wall to the left of the window.

Next, a close up of the sconce seen from the living room.

This next image is looking in from the dining room.

This next image is a close up of the sconce on the right.

I am so happy I found them.  What have you found that you never tire of?


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