Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How I Use Spheres in My Designs Part Two

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I didn't realize how often I use spheres in the vignettes in my home until I consciously looked for them.  I found so many examples that I actually had to break it down into two posts.  I bet after I publish these I'll find even more examples.  If you missed part one, go here.

In the first post I suggested ways to use different kinds of orbs in groups in containers, on pedestals, or singly.  I also like to use them on shelves mixed with other items and in urns or trophies.
In my kitchen I have this cupboard that I styled using leather books, architectural elements, spheres, and interesting vintage collectibles.

On the top shelf there are two cement orbs on pedestals.  On the other shelves interspersed with books are seed covered orbs and some French orbs covered in old iron nails.  They weigh a ton but someone thought to leave a flat surface so they don't roll all over.

French Iron Orbs, Leather Books, Metal Laurel Wreath

Vintage Books, Seed Ball
I like to place spheres in urns also.  In my laundry room I have a ceramic urn.
  I placed a holiday mercury glass orb inside it.

There's another orb peeking around the corner on the book stacks too.

I placed a freeze-dried boxwood sphere inside a pewter champagne bucket.  I actually have two of these and when I'm not using one of them on my capitol and ledger book, I place the pair on the table as centerpieces.

If you've been following my blog for a while you've seen the urns and trophies on my bedroom dresser.  I filled them with small globes and placed them beneath my framed print of Paris.

What design elements do you use frequently?  Please share.  I love to hear from you.


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  1. I like all the spheres you use in your vignettes and am going to see about adding some here. Our house seems to feature books and elements from nature, acorns, shells, bird nests. This may be because of our cats, who prevent any live plants or cut flowers be on display anywhere in the house.