Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spinet Desk

Recently I purchased a Spinet desk and added it to my family room.  Its name is derived from its similarity to a Spinet piano.  It was already painted yellow when I purchased it.  You know how I have been loving yellow lately.

There were several reasons why I decided to keep it and not sell it.  
The first reason was that I loved the chunky legs and the chippy paint.

Another feature that appealed to me was that the center section folded back. just like a Spinet piano, to reveal more drawers and storage.
 The inner desktop surface pulls out to create even more work surface.

One last view looking in from the foyer.  Check out my latest sun burst mirror on the left too.

I'm planning on using it as my downstairs desk.  I love the compact hidden storage and also that it has a flat top that can do double duty as a buffet if I have guests.


If you missed my other desk, go here.

I'm working on my desk chair.  As soon as I decide on a fabric I'll share.


  1. i have never seen one like that with such awesome legs- and it looks PERFECT in your home!

  2. It looks terrific where you put it.

    It is a beautiful desk.