Monday, May 21, 2012

Lucketts Spring Market

Just wanted to say that the Lucketts Sale was fabulous--beyond my expectations.  The weather was perfect; the shoppers never ending. Thanks to my DC blogger friends Andi of Jane of All Crafts, Angie of Angie in the Thick of It,  Cassie of Primitive and Proper,  Sarah of The Thriftress, and Sue from Vintage Rescue for stopping by. 

Inside Our Tent

Our Fabulous Shoppers

Here's my stuff.

I'm totally exhausted but in a good way.




  1. your space looked awesome and it was SO good to see you! :) looking forward to seeing you more often!

  2. Kathy, I looked for your tent and even went into the store to ask where you were set up and they couldn't locate the map. I wish I had known this was your was one of my favorites!

  3. I saw your spot filled with shoppers. It was awesome. It was the best show ever. I can't imagine how tired you must have been. I was just a shoppper and was so exhausted at the end of the day. Sherry and I were together. We had a fabulous time.

  4. Hope you are getting to rest and recover this week! It was fabulous to see you and chat. Hoping to see you more that we are joining SP!