Thursday, April 12, 2012

Move Over Orange

Don't worry, I still absolutely love orange but I'm starting to become a fan of bright yellow too.  I never thought I'd say this, but yellow like National Geographic Magazine yellow.

Maybe these images will convince you.

Eddie Ross
Better Homes and Gardens
Anna Cordiero
Unknown Source
Conspicuous Style

Casa Diez

Jonathan Adler

Unknown Source

Phoebe Howard
Jonathan Adler

Sally Wheat

House Beautiful

Casa Diez

High Gloss Magazine

Traditional Home

Elle Decor

And speaking of National Geographic, I've been seeing bookcases styled
with magazines in addition to accessories and books.
The color repetition gives some balance to the shelves

Emily Henderson

Yahoo Images
Traditional Home

So, have I convinced you to add some bright yellow to your home?  Would you consider styling your shelves with National Geographic ?   I'm sold on using them.  Are you?

If you attend our next Stylish Patina Barn sale, I'll have some bundles of National Geographic for sale.
 A friend just happened to have a stack of them to sell to me.
 It really pays off when your friends and relatives are hoarders.

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  1. Oh I totally love yellow, and I am crazy about orange too. I have a ton of both in my home, so happy. Some great pics and inspiration. Hugs, Marty