Friday, December 23, 2011

Outdoor Decor

This year I made some wreaths and filled some urns with fresh greenery, magnolia branches, clippings from my nandina bush, and nandina berries.

On my front porch I placed some magnolia leaves in an old bottle and draped burlap and a gold garland.  I used burlap to suspend the wreaths in the window and placed an orange ornament in each one.

I made a fresh wreath for my chimney.

And another fresh wreath for the side of the garage.

I couldn't forget the new garage since it can be seen from the street.

I filled a pair of urns with greenery and had them flank the doors.  I couldn't pass up the tinsel wreaths that were only $8 each at target.  Aren't they fun. 

A close up of one of the fresh arrangements.

I even had enough to make an arrangement on the trellis.

What have you done outside for holiday decor?


Target also had an unbelievable selection of wrapping paper.  
I bought several of the retro-inspired designs.
Gotta get wrapin'



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  1. it looks beautiful, kathy! love those wreaths!
    merry christmas, friend!