Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Column to Christmas Tree

This summer I purchased a column that had been cut in half.  As usual, I had nothing in mind.  It was just my uncontrollable fascination with all things architectural kicking in again.  Luckily, everyone in my family is trained not to ask what I was going to do with it.
Of course I came up with something.  It was going to be the base for one of the Christmas trees in my house.  Before I used it I made sure to give it a coat of clear poly to seal what I assumed is lead paint.  Here she is, ready to be re-purposed.

I am very lucky in that it seems that most of the branches that fall in my back yard are pretty interesting.  I selected some and placed them into the column.  I then sprayed them with white primer and for some bling sprayed with Glitter Blast.  I also used the clear poly to seal the glitter.  I hope I don't have glitter falling all over the house.  We'll see.  Also, if you ever use Glitter Blast, wear a mask.  I felt like I glittered the inside of my nose and throat too.

Now I need to get this into the house and decorated.

Here it is in place in the family room next to the mantel.  I wanted to do a combination of orange and pink. My color inspiration was my scarf which I draped over the mantel.  I first wove through the branches with a pink glass garland and pink and orange ribbon.  I added orange sequin ornaments and vintage pink glass ornaments.  For some bling I placed some silver bird's nests, a clip-on silver bird, and a silver garland at the base.

Very  Dr. Seussy, don't you think?

Here's a closer look.

I also added some orange and pink faux gift boxes under my "tree".
Yes, they're recycled from last year.  I just added some pink ribbon.

Hope you're having fun with your holiday decor.


To see the mantel in this room go here.

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