Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Other Obsession

If you've been following you know that I'm obsessed with architectural prints.

My Laundry/Pantry

I'm also obsessed with architectural fragments and leather books with marbleized covers.

My Styled Cupboard

And, I love old bottles too.  This is getting scary.

Bottles on My Screened Porch

If that's not enough, after looking around my house I'm afraid that I'm obsessed with chairs too.
I think that one of my favorites is my chippy paint frenchy chair.  When I thought about writing this post I was really regretting not having a before image.  But I found what it looked like as I was reading the latest post from Funky Junk.

I guess you could describe it as funky, but me, chair obsessed, fell in love.

Mine was almost identical to this one from Fall decor.  Rather than use it for a Fall display, I dragged it to the upholsterer.  June, my upholsterer, is so sweet.  Anyone else would have looked at me like I was crazy, but not June.  She just took the fabric and got started.
Didn't she do a fabulous job. 

This chair has been all over the house.  The leopard print works like a neutral and it works anywhere.

Another chair that I purchased as a frame only was this finished beauty.  Sorry, no before pic.  I've had this chair for many years.  Currently, it's in my foyer.

Front View

Side View

Don't you agree that the back and sides are just as pretty as the front.  Details really make the upholstery job stand out.

My question to you is:  How can I be crazy about Mid Century Modern and obsessed with chippy frenchy?   Do you have the I like too much problem too?



  1. Woo you like a lot of things period wise or other. I guess does that mean you are eclectic in your design? Whatever it means, it all goes together beautifully !

    Loved your Thanksgiving day mantel.

  2. Hi Kathy, Both chairs are wonderful but I especially love the frenchy one! I am guilty of the "I like too much" syndrome. Sometimes I wish my home was decorated in just one style but then again I would probably be bored with it. Your eclectic style is fabulous.