Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ideas for Display

I recently posted that I would be sharing space on a horse farm with several other vendors.  This is the barn image that I shared before. If you missed that post, click here for the info about the shop, directions, and sale dates.

Stylish Patina Barn

I have less than one week to complete my space at the barn.  I've been working hard assembling items that I'll have for sale.  I can't believe how much inventory I've come up with in less than three weeks, but the word hoarder does come to mind.
One of the most time consuming and the most important steps in setting up a new space is deciding the look you want and how everything will be displayed.  This will set the tone for the whole booth.
This is what my space looked like before I started adding to it.


Yep, I'm decorating an animal stall.

You know that I have eclectic tastes and love to accessorize with new and vintage.  I've found that these tiered shelves hold many items and don't take up much space.
I used the same idea in my pantry with a pot rack.

The shop owners decided to use burlap to cover the support poles.  I took that theme and hung jute draperies as a back drop.  The draperies already had rings so I wove a thick piece of rope through the rings and used eye bolts and screw eyes to support it.  I knotted the rope on either end and added a large washer to keep the knot from slipping through.

I also needed a flat surface to display my Christmas ornaments.  Again I purchased some jute fabric.  Jute looks just like burlap but is softer, doesn't shed as badly, and doesn't have a strong smell like burlap.  I made a cloth for a round folding table.  I cut a piece to fit the top and just stapled it on.  Then I gathered the skirt with elastic and used nail head trim to attach it around the table top.

I also needed a place to hang pictures and other accessories.  Since the walls are cement, I came up with the idea of using an old french door.  I backed the windows with another piece of jute.
Rather than nail into the door,  I attached two lengths  of chain vertically on the door.
  I will use drapery hooks to suspend items on the chain links.
This eliminates the need for nail holes in the door as the display changes.
Sorry about the bad image, but you get the idea.

I also have a sign.   I inserted a mirror into an old iron bed headboard.  Then Signs In A Day applied my business name in a script I chose.

I haven't hung it up yet.  My business name is Vignettes and eclectic gatherings pretty much covers the different looks I'll have in my booth.  I started out with some Mid Century Modern pieces, but next month I could go with painted or natural wood.  We'll see what I come up with.

Please check back.  I'll be posting some images about the furniture I'll have for sale.  I'll probably post all the small decor items and Christmas at the last minute because I'm not quite done.
It will be a mix of new and vintage.

I hope I've given you some ideas for display. Looking forward to seeing all you DC readers this weekend.