Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Holiday Display Ideas-----Holiday Market Round Two

Yes, two sales in November.  I wanted to share how I pulled it off for round two.

Deer head vases and some greenery fit perfectly into these huge cloches on a metal base.
I could also see them filled with an assortment of shiny ornaments, greenery, or both.

Cloche close up.  I layered an ornament over a frame and filled a glass container with ornaments.
They are reflected in a vintage etched mirror.

Deer close up number two. 
 More ornaments fill a vintage silver plate tray and a felted bunny hops out of a trophy.

Who says you have to put candles in mercury glass candlesticks?  These spiky gold spheres look much better to me.  Next to the candlesticks is a vintage scale, filled with what else but ornaments and antlers.

A section from a table base can be part of the holiday decor.  Just add a ribbon and a sparkly gold floral mirror.  I could see this as part of a mantel holiday display or on a front door.  You could substitute a wreath for the mirror.

Layer ornaments over a star mirror.

I recently purchased this canvas-lined french market basket and used it to display the dancing glitter deer. 

A huge roll of corrugated cardboard is one of my tree bases.  I draped a vintage fur wrap around the base, placed a peacock wreath horizontally onto it, and dropped the "trunk" of my faux tree into the hole in the center of the cardboard roll.   

I was able to hang some ornaments from the wreath too.

If you follow this blog you know that I'm always layering empty frames.  These chippy chunky frames give sneaky peeks of a vintage floral oil.   Suspended inside one of the frames is a glitter laurel wreath.  I used a small crown ornament as a tree topper and a french book as a riser for my tassel ornaments.

Why not paint a barrel green and upholster the top to make it a seat with storage inside.  When I was setting the space,  I needed another base for my second tree.  I took off the leopard cushion and dropped the tree into the bucket.  This is my menagerie tree.  The felted animal "trophies" are tucked into the branches.  The tree on the dresser in the background is an inverted tomato cage covered in grapevines and painted white.

A Victorian wall pocket can hold ornaments and magnolia branches during the holidays.

Are you gearing up for Christmas or still working on Thanksgiving?

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I love the deer head in the cloche. I have the deer head and I must find an extra large cloche. Soooooo pretty!