Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Faux Bamboo

I've written about vintage bamboo here and here.  And, although you may not believe it, there's even faux bamboo.  It's also referred to as Chinoiserie or Hollywood Regency.

There is faux bamboo furniture.

Faux Bamboo Chest

Faux Bamboo Dresser

Modern Desk with Faux Bamboo Base

Faux Bamboo Wall Covering
My Favorite Set of Chinoiserie Dining Room Chairs
Chinoiserie Bed
Garden Stools
Chinoiserie Garden Screen and Garden Furniture

Upholstered Garden Chairs
Nesting Tables

Chinoiserie Benches

Chinoserie Chairs
A Selection of  Faux Bamboo Chairs


So what do you prefer?  Vintage Bamboo? Faux?


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  1. I love glossy painted Chinoiserie! We were just talking about using some in vignettes at the barn. So pretty!