Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mid Century Modern Brass and Chrome Shelves

You know that one of my favorite things to do is to style bookcases.  I saw this pair of Mid Century Modern shelves at a local estate sale.  The glass shelves were missing and I commented that I wished the shelves were there.  Do you believe they said that they had the shelves?  They brought them out all wrapped carefully in bubble wrap ready for transport.  Of course I bought them and was so glad I had asked about the glass.  For a while I've needed something on either side of my buffet turned TV cabinet.  They fit into the space perfectly.

MCM Shelves Flanking Buffet

It took all of half an hour to style them.  I just walked around the house grabbing what would work. My things are so used to moving around from room to room that no one objected to a new location.  The only new-to-me accessories are the brass spheres on the top shelves.

Left Shelf

Right Shelf

Need a closer look????

Framed Bookplate, Stair Finial, Faux Turtle Shell on Stack of Leather Books

My Favorite Brass Elephant Next To My New Glam Sphere

The spikey sphere on the top shelf was meant to hang on the wall but the flat back worked perfectly on the top shelf.

Another Framed Bookplate, My Santos and My New Spikey Sphere

My antlers decided to wrap around each other and overflow a large glass jar.

Antlers Interlocked in A Glass Jar

The bottom shelves have bottles and framed French engravings.

Vintage Bottles, French Engraving, Pagoda

Covered Bottles and French Engraving

Doesn't it feel good when you find something that pulls it all together?


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  1. Great displays. Excellent styling.

  2. ooooh those are fabulous and so you! they needed you.

  3. Love the antler idea--think I will steal that! What a great find and they look perfect on that wall.

  4. Kathy, they were made for that spot!!

  5. They look so good, Kathy. I'm getting a little more into mid-century things. Love that turtle shell, well, love all of it. I've started blogging (and actually talk about vignettes today!). Would love for you to stop by and visit. Jacki

  6. I have been looking for shelves like that. Love em! I'm just gonna move to your house since I love everything! ;)