Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's All In The Details--Candle Sleeves

You know I'm always ready for a change up.  This is one of my faster and easier ones--maybe. 

If you've been following you know I painted a yellow chinoiserie faux bamboo chandelier orange.  No, it's not moving out.  I still love it.  Here it is in place in the family room.

This is another view from the foyer.

I was very happy with the way it turned out until I saw this image on Pinterest.  
That Pinterest really gets you, doesn't it?  I've decided that it's a very fun time sink.

With all the black accents I have in that room I just had to re-paint the candle sleeves.
 Off they came. 

Here's my chandelier with its new black detail.

I have to confess that I'd also moved the Trina Turk fabric that I framed from
 above the Draper dresser to the opposite wall beside the chandelier.
 I think it picks up the orange and black in the chandelier.

Hint for painting the candle sleeves:  Use an egg carton or an inverted box lid.  I pushed some pencils into the cardboard for support, balanced the candle sleeves onto the pencils, then attacked them with
some satin black spray paint. (I took them outside of course.)

I also found some candle sleeves in patterns on Amazon.
Here are a few of the selections.  I'm sure that you DIYers could cover your own.
I'm loving the houndstooth of course.

Available on Amazon

So, are you a fan of candle sleeves in colors or patterns?


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  1. very beautiful!! that candle stand is so simple yet looks so classy !!
    Garden sculptures