Friday, July 19, 2013

Grates Are Great

Grates make backdrops for vignettes and they also offer support for plants.  Here's how I've used them.   The grate on my chimney is new.  In the winter it's purely decorative and adds some dimension and interest to the chimney.

Decorative Grate on My Chimney
At Christmas it supports a wreath.

Holiday Wreath on Grate

But, in the summer it is my trellis for my climbing hyacinth bean plant.

Climbing Hyacinth Bean on My Grate

Inside I frequently swap out some vintage iron window grates.  I have some that I painted black.  This one provided a back drop for some antlers, floats, a bottle and books.

I used these citrine window grates frequently because I have many citrine accents in the family room.

Citrine Grates, Chevron, and Feathers

Same grates, same feathers but a different look.

Fall Mantel

I framed some vintage bookplates and added some natural elements to this vignette.

Framed Bookplates and Coral

This is new.  I think it's the most simple mantel I've ever done.  I really like its minimalism.

Topiaries and Grates

Here's part of the room.  I changed the arrangement on the Draper dresser too.

 I have another smaller black grate that I use in the kids' bathroom.   I suspended an architectural print from it.

Kids' Bath

 Here's a closer view.

Iron Grate in Window

Not quite a grate, but I used an old garden gate as a backdrop for a tutorial on layering.

How do you use architecturally interesting finds?
I think grates are great.  How about you?



  1. "great" post Kathy! :) I have an old window grate, originally from Boston, on my fireplace and love it. Never though to put one on the outside chimney. Love it on your's especially with that gorgeous magnolia wreath. Heading to a few yard sales this morning. Hope I find something wonderful.

  2. Mine are tucked here and there in my gardens of course.... you know me Kathy, I'm a garden freak! Your ideas and the layering are terrif! Jennifer