Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

 Deb at A Mind on Design, nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award.   Wow, thanks a million.

If you haven't been following her blog, you need to go there and check her out.   She's an interior design student with fabulous design ideas.  She also shares her daunting experiences as a student.  Thanks so much for recognizing  me Deb.

So in order to accept this award it did come with a set of rules.  I always follow rules.  That's what teachers do, you know.

1. Thank and link back the blogger that awarded this to you. (Thank them, hug them, send them xoxoxo......and link back because bloggers are very polite people...oh yeah and its a rule too!)
2. Share seven things about yourself. 
3. Award other fellow bloggers. (No limit on this one...but keep it real...and award it to bloggers that really touch you and that you read often)
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know that they have won the Stylish Blogger Award.

Okay so now on to the awards.

If you don't already follow these blogs, you're missing some super design ideas. Also, if you love to read, as I do, check out Silver's Reviews for reading suggestions.  Please visit their sites and become a follower.  Don't forget to let them know how you found them.  Enjoy.

In no special order and  without further delay the awards go to:

9.   Silver's Reviews  

And....seven things about myself I would like to share:

1.  I have three younger sisters and four younger brothers.  Yup, I'm the first of 8.
2.  I teach Spanish and ESL (English for Speakers of other Languages).
3.  I crave cherry licorice.  You know you have a bad habit when every gift you receive also includes a      
     bag of licorice.
4.  I have three children ages 35, 30 and yes I'm crazy, a 12-year-old.
5.  I'm obsessed with chandeliers/ pendant lighting and have at least one in every room in the house.
6.  When my older children were young I wrote a parenting book and did a TV and radio book tour.
7.  I closed my brick and mortar store a year ago and really miss it.  I'm seriously considering  opening a       
     store again.  Any thoughts on that?

Thanks again Deb.   



  1. Congratulations Kathy and thank you for the award,
    Hugs from Spain,

  2. Isn't it nice to have your hard work acknowledged? Good for you!

  3. Thank you so much for thinking of me! I'm honored to be included in this group! P.S. I'm obsessed with chandeliers too. :) Thanks again and congratulations!

  4. Kathy...congrats on your award! And thanks so much for sharing it! :)

  5. That's so fun, licorice for every present! Thanks so much for the award!!

  6. Hi Kathy!!
    I was so surprised to get your email and discover that you read my blog!! I feel like you're famous after your amazing debut on Nate!! I'm so honored... Thank you!!
    I loved reading your 7 things, it's always a wonderful insight into a fellow blogger.

  7. Kathy,
    Thank you so much for including me! And I apologize for the delay in commenting (Internet issues have been challenging the last few days.)
    Anyway, I'm honored to be included and will be posting soon on linen and lavender.(Fingers crossed.)
    Thanks again,