Saturday, January 8, 2011

How Do I Accessorize A Wall Painted With Horizontal Stripes? Part 1

I painted horizontal stripes in my foyer, landing, upstairs hallway and bedroom.  After I'd done them,  I realized that I wanted to place some things on the walls, but didn't want to hide the stripes.
Hmm, how could I do that?
The first thing I found for the space was this wonderful over-sized clock that was very open.  It looks very dramatic when looking up from the foyer and best of all, it didn't hide the stripes.

My next decision was should I hang a print within the stripe or straddle the stripes ? I decided that the print looked better centered over two stripes.  What do you think.?
I added a gilt Italian wall sconce to complete the wall.

I also painted a small alcove wall  the darker color and added the Audubon print with  a  marble-topped frenchy table under it.
The salmon color in the print really pops against the brown.  It also looks impressive when looking up from the foyer into the upstairs hallway.

At the end of the hall is an oversized door, sans glass.  My vintage french prints fit perfectly in the space.

 This is the view from the foyer.

Don't you love the way  this vintage oil painting on the landing is weathered and curling?
Note:  I straddled the stripes again.

I'll show you what I did in the foyer in a future post.



  1. Love the horizontal stripes and the Audubon prints! Nice!

  2. I love the stripes. I have been wanting to do this in my hall bath and just need to commit. I only have 3 weeks left before school and have started three different projects that I want to finish....Yikes!! I love the colors you used. What paint to you use? I am partial to Benjamin Moore but they are pricey.

  3. hi I just saw you on the nate show, great room - love that fabric heaps - I will follow your blog once you get that following thingy to work! You've got great ideas!!!

  4. You've got me interested in stripes. I'm about to redo a small bedroom. Also read the floor post that preceded this one. Very good tutorial. Thank you for all the pointers.