Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Stripes on Walls Part 2

 I continued the stripes from the upstairs hallway into the foyer and on the landing.
 Here's another image of the landing.  In the previous post you couldn't see  the copper-colored demi-john.  I have several of these over-sized bottles but no others with that color.  It's marked France on the bottom.  Next to the bottle is a shabby bamboo footstool with its horsehair stuffing escaping.  Love it!
I added a gilt candle sconce in place of the mirrored Victorian box.

Of course, after packing up the Christmas decor, 
there was no way I was going decorate the same way.  In fact, I'm really tired of the mahogany Empire library table.  Until I can find something I like better, I slip covered it with a canvas painters' dropcloth and added a runner on top to add some interest.. The only thing that stays is the wall sconce.  I haven't gotten tired of it yet and it works in the space and with the stripes.
Here's  what it looked like before Christmas.

Here's the Christmas decor.

The new look in the foyer.

The wall sconce stayed, the chair didn't.  I swapped it for a leopard-covered one previously in the living room.  I added an oil painting within a stripe.  I broke my straddle the stripe rule,
but its shape and size makes it work.
The hide rug has moved to the foyer, but I'll have to really keep an eye on the dog.  She doesn't seem too interested in chewing it yet.  We'll see.

The items on the table were moved from other rooms and re-assembled on the table.
  I move things around frequently. 

Some close-ups of the vignettes.

The weathered leather book is signed and dated 1835.   I topped it with a vintage brass magnifying glass.   I bought all the artists brushes at an antiques store.  I turned a cloche up side down, dropped in the brushes, then held a mirrored pedestal dresser tray over the bottom and flipped it over.   I  am always looking for these mirrored trays and then try to pair them up size wise with cloches.  Some of the brushes seem to be for faux finishing.  Does anyone know the use of the long-handled brush in front of the cloche?

I buy clock faces whenever I see them.  They really work well as backdrops on bookcases.  This one was especially nice and worthy of standing alone on a gilt easel.

More leather books stacked and topped with an architectural fragment.

I'm really liking this new look.  How long do you think it will stay?



  1. Everything looks great! I really like the table with the drop cloth on it - it's a much softer look, very pretty!


  2. Very nice, Kathy! Beautiful styling and accessories and I like the cloth too.

  3. That brush looks like it was used for stenciling.... Remember when wall stenciling was so popular about 25 years ago? I had a lot of brushes shaped like that...

  4. So beautiful! I was immediately drawn to your picture on FJI...I'm gonna copy some things!

  5. well don't you have some creative ideas here!! love that table and those brushes in the cloche...

    Anne Marie