Friday, December 17, 2010


It's our first snow.  It wasn't much of a storm, but oh so lovely.  
And, just enough to give us a two-hour delayed school opening---and a chance to sleep in a little longer.
I had to take a picture of our latest completed project, our new garage, with its minimal Christmas fluffing, but so pretty with a dusting of the white stuff.
I'm so glad we decided to put the garage doors on the back. I found the eyebrow window at a flea market and we incorporated it into the design.  We've been calling it our carriage house.

The kids are ready to move in out there.  Me too sometimes.


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  1. Love your "carriage" house.. It's so charming. I'd be ready to move in a heartbeat..

  2. Congrats on the new blog! Welcome to the fun.
    xo xo