Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Shop Hop

Recently my husband and I were lucky enough to accompany Meg of Pigtown Design 
on her Holiday Shop Hop in Baltimore.
I'd been following and loving her blog for a while.  If you don't know, she appeared TWICE on the
Nate Berkus Show.  He liked what she'd done so much that he invited her back and called
her the Junk Whisperer.  Check out her blog to see segments of the show.
I was so excited when she invited readers to shop with her and that she was close by my home.
Here's a photo of the "Nate Girls" in one of the shops we visited,  Red Tree,
a unique shop with one-of-a-kind accessories, jewelry and furniture.

The owner is an artist.  Here are some of his creations.

Another shop we visited was McLain-Wiesand,
with a selection of antiques and vintage pieces and amazing artisan furniture.
Here is one of the artists at work, reproducing faux marble with the original as her model.

David Weisand has hundreds of castings from original architectural pieces.  Here are some small castings

and some larger architectural fragments.

Some of the castings were made into Christmas ornaments.  I purchased several not just for the
holidays, but for year round.  I'm going to have the oval ones with faces framed as intaglios.
I have to show you one last photo from the fabulous shop.  David custom designed and built this bookcase.

The photos say it all.  I'm crazy for arquitectural and industrial pieces.  I was hinting about one of the
zinc- top  tables for Christmas.  It would be perfect on the screened porch.
I just loved everything.

We also had lunch at a rooftop restaurant with a birdseye view of Baltimore.
Thanks Meg for an absolutely wonderful day.



  1. What a fun day for you! I love the rounded bookcase. I saw one here, not exactly the same, but still very large and rounded. It was really beautiful!

    Loved this post!


  2. Hi Kathy,

    Congratulations on your blog - I can already tell I'm going to love following you!

    I haven't been to any of those shops yet but have been meaning to get to Housewerks for a long time now. How did you find their prices?

    I picked up a zinc top table at the auction several weeks ago for $20! SCORE!

    Thanks again for the e-mail - it made my day!