Saturday, March 21, 2020


Many years ago--more than I will admit--I had a shop with a large store-front window.  I loved styling that window with my latest finds.  I've never had another location with a window feature, but I've always remembered that store and the way it gave a hint of what was inside and teased passersby to stop in.  I wish I had taken pictures of the many change ups over the years, but that was before blogging and the internet.

Several years ago I visited a friend in New York.  We took a day trip to Hudson, NY.  I loved all the window displays and took many photos with my very old cell phone.  I've shared these photos before, but I've been reflecting about small business owners and missing my friend, so I'm sharing these fabulous displays again.

While I was shooting the artistic store front displays, I was upset by the glare and reflections.  I thought I would be disappointed when I downloaded the images, especially since I forgot my camera and was using my cell phone.   But, the exact opposite occurred.
Not only were the window stylings fabulous, but the reflections of the street, cars and buildings superimposed over the vignettes also made them even more stunning.  See if you agree.

Not any buildings or streets in this image, just a reflection of three long-time friends--and an owl.

I wanted to give a shout out to all you small business owners and to all my many small business owner friends who, like me, are weathering out this pandemic.    

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