Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cottage Garden 2017

I sometimes feel that my cottage garden is a bit unruly, even a bit out of control with its crowded bursts of color.   As the summer progresses though and the blooms take turns at center stage, I'm amazed at the variety of color and form.  One other thing I love about the cottage garden is the number of bees and butterflies in my yard.  Here are some of my most recent blooms.

I've had this speedwell for a while in the garden.  It's a deep purple that plays off the lighter purples of my lavender and russian sage.

Next to the speedwell is some salvia.  It popped up this year next to the speedwell.  The red/purple color combo is very appealing.  I love volunteer surprises.

The newest addition to my garden is a hydrangea tree.  It's about five feet tall and the blooms are so gorgeous.  It adds some height to the garden.  You can see the russian sage at its base and the lantana in the foreground.

My lantana is so happy that its growing beyond its bed and onto the sidewalk.  Oh how I wish it were a perennial in the north.  It thrives in the sun and heat.

Did you know that there's a perennial hibiscus plant?  In just one year mine has grown into a large shrub with enormous blooms.

I love how it weaves its way through my garden fence.

I hate that this perennial is called a joe pye weed.  
It has been covered with butterflies since it bloomed and doesn't look like a weed to me at all.

Do you have a cottage garden?  

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