Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gallery Wall Cheat Sheets

Before I share these gallery wall cheat sheets/diagrams, I must confess that I probably never would use them.  You see I'm a random kind of girl with an aversion to math and measuring.  Also, I would rather patch a hole created by mistake by some crazy nail than pull out a measuring tape.

These cheat sheets contain many configurations for your gallery wall. You could modify them and add interest, depth, and texture to your display with non-art elements.  A mirror--or two--would work, as would a wall sconce, an architectural element, faux taxidermy,  a turtle shell, or even an empty frame.  

If you're not into randomness and want to be more precise, these cheat sheets will be very helpful.

My suggestions:

1.  Assemble your art/items for the gallery wall.  

2.  Have more items than you need.

3.   Select the diagram that best fits your space.

4.  Cut a sheet(s) of paper to the size you want to fill on the wall.  Place the paper onto the floor and   put your items onto the sheets of paper according to your cheat sheet selection.

5.  Trace around your artwork.

6.  IMPORTANT:  Take a photo of your arrangement, then remove the items from the paper.

7.   Tape the marked paper to the wall with blue painters' tape and mark where you need to put your   wall hooks.  

8.  Remove the paper guide and start hanging your art.

Source:  Simplified Bee

Are you random or precise?
I'd love to see your gallery wall.

If you haven't had enough, I have more.

To see the gallery wall in my daughter's apartment that couldn't have been done without my husband's math skills, go here.

For cheat sheets for just about everything, visit my Pinterest Page: Reference.

Or, my Pinterest Page:  Gallery Wall.

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