Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter Means Lettuce Leaf Plates

I have many sets of dishes, but I think that my signature set has to be my lettuce leaf plates.
 It started with some dinner plates and over the years has become quite a collection.  They remind me of vintage majolica and are the perfect table setting for Easter.  Although I only use them a few times a year, they're always on display.  I stack them on an industrial restaurant pot rack in my pantry.

Lettuce Leaves Plates Stacked in My Pantry

The graduated shelves work for my plates, bowls, and serving pieces.
I was able to find the plates in green and white.

Green and White Lettuce Leaf Plates

Did you notice the lamp with the polka dot shade?  It originally was a coffee urn.
 I love the spigot.

Coffee Urn Lamp

I use the bowls for soup or salad.

Bowls and Serving Pieces

The dinner plates fit on the large bottom shelf.

Dinner Plates and Covered Serving Dish

The pantry is a long narrow room.  I wanted to show you how the dishes are displayed in the corner. I've updated the other side of the room.  You'll have to wait to see the new look.  

View of the Right Side of the Pantry

I'll be hosting Easter for my family and I can't wait to get the dishes off the shelf and onto the table.  I don't have a picture of one of our Easter tables, but I do have a photo of the white lettuce leaf plates on my garden table in my back yard.  Notice I have lettuce leaf place mats under the dishes.

Garden Table with White Lettuce Leaf Plates

Happy Easter

I see that Tory Burch is reissuing the original lettuce leaf plates by Dodie Thayer. 
To see Tory's collection, go here.


  1. I want your pantry!! Happy Easter Kathy.....we are on the train heading for New York for the weekend. Our first major trip since Gar got his new kidney. He gets better and stronger as the weeks go on. xo

  2. Wonderful news about Gar. Have a fun trip to New York and Happy Easter.