Saturday, March 12, 2022


Whether they're housed in a crate, wrapped in wicker, or just standing alone, 
demijohns are one of my favorite home decor accessories.

Demijohns in Crates via Black Rooster

Wicker Covered  Demijohns via Jill Hinsin, Forever Cottage

Covered and Plain Demijohns via This Ivy House Tumblr

Covered demijohn for sale at Buckeystown Design CoOp

I dressed up my copper demijohn for the holidays.

Holiday Copper Demijohn in My Sun Room 

My large green demijohn holds birch branches .
Looking Through my Front Door.  Demijohn with Birch Branches.

Love these lining the steps.
Demijohn in My Family Room


  1. Kathy, If you ask my husband he will tell you I have an obsession with demijohns. I have always loved your copper one.

  2. OH Sherry, the copper one is also my favorite. It moves around the house quite a bit too. If I ever find another I'll buy it for you.