Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wonderful Shabby Chippy Antique French Writing Desk

I was thinking that you may be tiring about hearing about my chair obsessions, so I decided to change it up and share my fabulous antique desk.  My husband purchased it for me several years ago from a dealer friend after a few hints from me about how much I loved it.

It's in my foyer on the wall opposite my leopard chairs.

I have plans to continue the stripes around the foyer onto this wall with the desk.

On one side of the desk I placed an equally chippy and shabby column.  On the other side is one of my favorite chairs that has made appearances in many rooms of my home.  It seems to know just when to move and where it will look best.

Below is a vintage bottle, a weathered leather book, and something you always find in my designs, an architectural fragment.  As if the desk wasn't shabby enough, it appears that someone tried to find the original art/paint underneath by removing some of the paint on the drawer.  Love it!

They also experimented on the top of the desk too.  
The easel  is one of my favorite Anthropologie purchases.

The desk has a pull-out writing surface.  It's outlined in leather with a velvet insert.

I've filled the shelves with Florentine boxes and icons as well as more 
leather books and my pedestal orb.

I love the metal detailing and adornments.

A close up of the icons and my desk's lovely chippiness.

The cross is new but I loved its size and colors.  The antique plaster bust is propped in a small urn.  

So what do you think about the desk?  I know this will surprise you, but I have another desk to share soon and of course more chairs.  Also, do you think I should continue the stripes on this wall?


  1. Your vignettes, I love your desk. Thanks for sharing. Happy to be a follower.

  2. The desk looks GREAT!!

    Definitely continue the stripes around the room.

  3. Kathy, This is gorgeous!! I love the desk and your pretty vignette. Of course the demi-john caught my eye right away. Thanks for linking to my party. Hugs, Sherry

  4. Love both desks, especially the spinette! And a.definite YES to the stripes on the wall. Even the colors. Love them. If you think it's too Bild or want to töne it down a notch, then just add a glaze to one stripe, while the other is flat? Giving it more texture and Dimension? But I personally love the color.choices you made. Now If we could only find Furniture like that in the Dee south for the prices the North pays, I'd be in business.